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Substrate Arts is a community-funded project.

3rd Street Emerging Artists Fund, Adam Maggio, Adam Polakoff, Aidan Stone, Alexis Scarborough, Alita Edgar, Allis Teegarden, Allison Hastings, Allison Wyper, Amanda Gerrie, Amanda Reiko Andonian, Andie Grace, Andrew Lowe, Anirvan Chatterjee, Anonymous, Annalee Newitz, Annette Marines, Ariel Cruz, Ariela Morgenstern, Aura ✾ V, Aurora Quinn Elmore, Avani, Behnaz Khaleghi, Berkeley Commonplace, BigDamnDex, Barely Suitable Games, Blake Rogers, Bobby, Brian Heater, Brian M Rosen, BryanK, Buffy Simoni, By Nieves: Handmade Natural Body Care, Cancer and Capricorn, Cameo Wood, Carol Fox, Casey Caston, Catherine Debon, Catherine Luedtke, Celia Price, Charles Kieser, Charles Kruger, Charles Ian Norman Venn, Charley Hasenbeck, Charlie Jane Anders, Cherie deFer, Chris Palmer, Chris Placencia, Christopher Eccleston, Coco and Patrick Tafoya, Colin Arbuthnot Fahrion, Colleen McKenzie, Crystal Liu, Cyrus Ginwala, Damara Moore, Dan Girellini, Daniel Silverman, Dan Carbone, Danielle Baskin, Danielle Coppola, Danielle Engleman, Danny D. Leybzon, David Fine, David Moore, Dawn Roth Golden, Dean Norris, Dina Strong, Dominic Santiago, Donna Fujita, Dori Daniels, Dot Janson, Drew R. Padilla, D.S. Black, Dustin H. Chinn, Eleanor Clement Glass, Elisa Hetmanski, Elise Liu, Elizabeth Creely, Elizabeth Hille, Emily Christensen, Emma Weisman, Eric Imperiale, Eric Madar, Eric P. Mueller, Erica Blair, Erika Munro, Geetha Reddy, Genie Cartier, Geoffrey Dryvynsyde, Grace Kim, Gray Davidson, Heather Davison and Julian Borrill, Henry Andrews, Hilary Magan, Inger Hogstrom, Irene Chavez, Isabel Freinkel, J. Gluckstern, J. Richter Communications, Jacob Judd, Jaqi Yeazel, Jean Johnstone/J. Johnstone Consulting, Jeff Hunt, Jennifer Chavez Buey, Jennifer Kearney, Jen Vera, Jeremy Greco, Jesa Damora, Jesse and Natasha Swanston, Jim Mason, John & Teresa Aguallo, John Jennifer Narx, John Stockdale, Josh Miller, Joshua Love, Joshua Marker, John J. Ruskin, Joyful Raven,

Karen Castelletti, Kari Orvik, Karl Ruddy, Kate Rhoades, Kate Richards, Katy Caselli, Ke, Kelsey Ahern, Kelvin Tamayo, Kevin Clarke, Kevin Nelson, Larry Roberts, Laurelle Stelle, Liam Nelson, Lily, Lincoln, Linden Julien-Lehr, LisaRuth Elliott, Lisa van Wambeck, Liza K, Lorelei Lamberson, Lucky Tuck, Lucy R, Lydia Laurenson, Maile Smith, Magic Theatre, Margaret McCarthy, Margery Fairchild, Maria Oguinskaia, Mark Levitt, Mark Noland, Mary Mazzocco, Matt Wisniewski, Matthew Weinberg, Melissa McEwen, Meredith Brody, Michael Berger, Michael Garcia, Michael LaHood, Mike, Mina Morita, Mischa Byruck, Molly Vikart, Mona Baroudi, Nadia A., Nate Williams, Nato Green, Nick Martinelli, Nicole Johnson, Noah Pilchen, Paul Topolos, Paulina Perepelkin, Peter Nelson, Peter Platzgummer, Phil Wong, Prismatic Communications, Rachel Brahinsky, Rachel Campos de Ivanov, Radhika, Rahul Gupta, Rebecca Pingree, Rena Lourie, Richard Chavez & Irene Chavez, Rocky Mullin, Rory Carmichael, Rosaclaire Baisinger, Rotimi Agbabiaka, Ryan Wilkes, Sabrina, Sacha Arnold, Sahar Shirazi, Sally Hanley, Sam Cooler, Sarah Klein, Sea Forager, Scott Feeney, Scribblegrl, Sergey Kochergan, Shannon Adkins, Shanta Sacharoff, Sharon Niv, Sharon Steuer and Jeff Jacoby, Slice of New York, Sol Crawford, Spencer Veale, Stacey White, Stefanie and Bean Kalem Bae, Stephanie Crowley, Stuart Bousel, Susan Schweik and Laury Fischer, Suzanne Kleid and Garrett Caples, Talent Moat, Tam, Tamra Chavez, Tasi Alabastro, Theodore D Wachs, Tina Anaya, Tina Rodia, Tony Ortega, Ty Mckenzie, UMA Gallery Oakland, Valerie Mallory, Vallejo Sun, Will Carruthers, Wilson, Zach Fish, Zach Gluckstern

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A stylized capital N in a brick red square additional text in red reads By Nieves Handmade Natural Body Care
Cancer and Capricorn logo, a textured background in lgith red, beige, and green stipes with bright yellow Cs facing each other in the middle
A black background with a multi-faceted model built as a series of interconnected red triangles surrounding a sphere of black void. A blue rectangle that reads dangermodel in white text is superimposed on top.
Black background with a white graphic of an eye with lines of energy or movement radiating outward. The word MAGIC encircles this image and below it text in white reads THEATRE
Placeholder logo for San Francisco Oracle. Black text on white background that reads The San Francisco Oracle
White background with a graphic of a sunburst and a very large, elaborate fish in green. Text reads From Hook to Cook, Sea Forager,
A red outlined wedge with the New York skyline emerging from it in black, lettering reads a slice of New York in white and blue
A comic book-style graphic in grey and blue. Large capital letters TM that look to be carved of stone jut up from a blue "moat" and grey lettering reads Talent Moat at its base
Logo for UMA Gallery, a black outline of a white recrangle, text reads UMA Gallery in block lettering with shadow detail
A bright yellow circle like a sun with greay and black lettering that reads Vallejo Sun
Berkeley Commonplace logo on a white background with light and dark grey lettering that reads Berkeley Commonplace. The "c" is outlined in red.
Dark yellow text on a white background that reads J. Richter Communications
Prismatic Communications logo, a P and a C in chunky magenta and blue graphic, thin letting reads prismatic communications in lowercase