Sweet Heartache Landscape

By Hiya Swanhuyser, with Yea-Ming Chen.

As part of Substrate Arts’ Launch Party held at Magic Theatre in June 2023, Substrate Arts co-founder Hiya Swanhuyser spoke onstage with songwriter, composer, and actor Yea-Ming Chen.

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By Nicole Gluckstern.

No EXIT, a post-mortem.

What will become of EXIT Theatre’s vision of an expanding Tenderloin arts district now that they’ve closed up shop at 156 Eddy Street?

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Crafting a Narrative Inside & Out

By David John Chávez, with Sean San José.

As part of Substrate Arts’ Launch Party held at Magic Theatre in June 2023, Substrate Arts co-founder David John Chávez spoke with Sean San José, artistic director of Magic Theatre and co-founder of Campo Santo.

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